What’s a WordCamp, you ask?

New to working with WordPress, and you’re not exactly sure what a WordCamp is? A WordCamp is a low-cost or no-cost event, usually held on a weekend where WordPress enthusiasts can get together to meet one another, and learn more about how to get the most out of WordPress.

Every year, there are many WordCamps held over each corner of the world. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and everybody has at least one thing in common: a love of WordPress.

A typical WordCamp consists of  different developer, designer, user sessions. There will be speakers who have ‘mastered’ a particular subject and they share their experience to the attending enthusiasts. By the end of the day, those attending will have a vast knowledge of how and what others are doing with WordPress. Most of time, anyone who attends learns new things and is inspired to do something out of WordPress.

This is the first time we are also going to have a WordCamp here in Nepal. Although we have had smaller meetups, this one will be larger. The main WordCamp that attracts WordPressers from all over the world is held annually in San Francisco. Matt Mullenweg,   co-founder of WordPress, usually delivers his State of the Word. Some very interesting statistics are presented over how WordPress is doing and what its plans are for the coming year.

Looking forward to seeing you at WordCamp Nepal, 2012!

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