Make a WordPress Multisite in 20 mins

Learn how to make a multisite in 20 mins. Yes, you can host all your sub sites within one WordPress install.

Making a successful career out of WordPress

This talk will focus on different career opportunities available when you work with WordPress. You will know ABCs of what you can do with WordPress and make a living out of it!

Building Secure WordPress Sites

If you are worried about security of your website and is regularly being hacked, you need to attend this important talk. If you build websites for clients using WordPress, you shouldn’t miss this talk.

Responsive and Retina Design

The age of mobile devices and multiple screen size and density has changed the current age of web design. Its retina time and mobile first design age! Come grab what you need to know to design for 2012 and beyond!

Internationalizing and Localizing WordPress Theme

This talk will focus on differences between Internationalization and Localization. All WordPress developers need to know how to convert their themes / plugin so users can change it to their own languages. Note only about 60% of the users actually use English in their websites. Wouldn’t you want to cover the rest 40% ?

Scaling WordPress for Large traffic sites

Roshan is going to talk about Scaling WordPress for high traffic sites. If you are a developer making or want to jump into making websites for huge clients including our own state websites which goes down when there is huge traffic, this talk is absolutely for you.

Data Validation and Sanitization in WordPress

This talk will focus on how to properly use custom forms, theme options in WordPress so your theme has bullet proof security. If you are a theme developer, this session should not be missed.


This talk will focus on how Government can benefit from using WordPress as their base CMS for their websites.

WordPress Jobs and Freelance Market Places

Yalamber will be sharing his experience on how to get jobs in Freelance Market Places. Note: Yalamber is one of the top developers on Elance.

Contributing to WordPress core

Philip will share how we can also contribute to WordPress core as designers/developers or even testers.

Approaches to WordPress Theme Development

Philip will cover several approaches to WordPress theme development—building themes from scratch, using parent/child themes, theme frameworks, and starter themes—and also talk about the starter theme _s, or Underscores.

Step by Step Guide on Monetizing “WordPress Blog” (From Cents to DOLLAR$)

Pawan Agrawal will show you Step-by-Step method to earn income from your WordPress blog which is beyond the normal advertising model. He will REVEAL some of the best sources and tips that’ll enable you to take your blog monetization to the next level.

Oh, and you don’t need to be a wordpress developer or hardcore wordpress user to implement these methods. If you are a normal wordpress blogger then it’s for you too.

JavaScript and WordPress

Avinash will be focusing on some of the parts of JavaScript that differ from other languages and how to use JavaScript in WordPress the right way.

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